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Welcome Rosemont Memorial Gardens

Posted on: 2012-08-02 00:00:00 By: Chuck

TechniServe is pleased to announce that Rosemont Memorial Gardens in Huntington, WV, a suburb
of Barboursville, WV is the newest member of the TechniServe "Cemetery Manager" family of clients.

Rosemont Memorial Gardens is a new cemetery located in a growing area of WV,
built on a hillside that offers beautiful views from every direction.
The surrounding cemeteries in the area are near capacity and Rosemont is open to everyone.
Plans include a Chapel Mausoleum with permanent offices, Private Family Estates, a Veterans Section, Babyland
and landscaping around the beautiful lake on the property.
New Gates and Signs have recently been installed as well as a modular office building.

To learn more about TechniServe's Cemetery Management Solutions contact TechniServe today
at (248) 989-0100 or try our demo sites at www.cemeterymanager.com