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The Cemetery Manager - Comprehensive Cemetery Management Software

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TechniServe offers a complete cemetery information and accounting system that utilizes our comprehensive facilities management and computerization package: The Cemetery Manager. Our goal is to work with you on the functional aspects of cemetery management as well as offer you the tools to operate your system.

The Cemetery Manager is a totally integrated system for cemetery management. Coupled with our assistance, The Cemetery Manager will serve as the core for your future. Working together we give you the ability to re-organize your staff for maximum productivity while giving your customers the highest rate of service.

Our system is designed to provide you with cost saving measures. Access to work order tracking and sales tools help defray costs and generate new business, ultimately allowing our services to pay for themselves. Using the system will also allow elimination of duplicate input and system monitored/controlled accountability for the handling of cash receipts.

The Cemetery Manager provides a complete set of tools to assist you with items such as:

Our facilities management package includes software and hardware support, with ongoing communication equipment maintenance, system monitoring, data archiving, etc.

In addition, we are available for consultation on issues facing your organization and offer recommendations for cost effectiveness. We work to ensure that your cemeteries operate with ease while maintaining control from your central location.

The Cemetery Manager's information and accounting software with comprehensive facilities management includes reasonable program changes and enhancements designed to meet your needs. Wherever possible, we will convert existing data and download to the new programs.

Specific modules of The Cemetery Manager with highlights are listed below:


General Ledger


Accounts Payable


Sales / Accounts Receivable


Burial / Cremation Module


Marketing / Mailing Module


Work Order Module

TechniServe continuously improves The Cemetery Manager software offering our clients the best products that take full advantage of technological developments without sacrificing quality and performance. Internet access to our software is currently available and an upgrade to graphical based entry screens is in progress. As the graphical based screens become available they are integrated for our customers' use. All of these enhancements are included in the monthly maintenance fee.

Our Cemetery Management Team has over 55 years of combined knowledge in cemetery software design, implementation and service. Our professional staff's experience includes: cemetery ownership and management, cemetery trusting and audit assistance, accounting and system development, and effecting organizational change.

To learn more about The Cemetery Manager and other TechniServe services to enhance your organization, call our offices today at (248) 989-0100 or email cemetery@techni-serve.com.