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Total Web Design Solutions

TechniServe, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality software and services that responsively support our customers' core business functions more cost effectively than our competitors. These are just a few of the web design solutions we offer:

What a Website Does for Your Company

TechniServe also offers redundantly hosted sites located in two separate locations throughout the United States. If the primary location is experiencing problems serving the website, the TechniServe server redirects traffic to one of the failover locations in other parts of the US. This way users should experience little or no site down time.

Services Include:

Brochure Sites

Interactive / Informational Sites

Includes all brochure site options plus:

E-Commerce Sites

Includes brochure and interactive site options plus:

Website Hosting

Custom Software

TechniServe, Inc. also offers completely customized software to enhance your organization including:

To learn more about TechniServe services to enhance your organization, call our offices today at 248.989.0100 or email info@techni-serve.com.

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